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Thank God It's Friday
I can't decide whether or not to post a blog today, but I guess I will, seeing as I've started.
Charlene Kaye. Ever heard of her? Me neither. Until yesterday. She's a singer and I only know her because she works in collaboration with Darren Criss a lot. Anyways, I just found her music and I'm in love!
Here's one of her amazing music videos of a song she sings with Darren. (his voice still makes me drool. xD)

Great, no? Anyways, today was a hard day. I was beyond exhausted for some reason. I'm the kind of person who needs a lot of sleep, and I've been going to bed at 11:30 and waking up at 7:00 all week. That;s so hard for me.
SO anyways I was basically falling asleep all day at school today, and I had an endless headache.

Lately I've been reading Anasi Boys by Neil Gaiman. It's great. I really wanted to say a quote from it here, but I can't remember what it was and I can't find it in my book now. *fail*

Monday was a bad day. I had my summer reading book test in English class. We were given 40 minutes to complete it. The teacher explained how we had to answer two of the six given questions about our books. I proceeded to write frantically. I completed two whole pages answering my two questions for Feed, and I was really proud when the teacher said we had eight minutes left. EIGHT minutes? To write answers to two MORE questions about Slaughterhouse-Five. I quickly scratched down some crappy answer before the teacher took the test away from me.
Then he started laughing. "Alex," he laughed, "oh, Alex, you're only supposed to answer ONE question per book!" And he walked away.
I'd written two GREAT answers for one book and one crappy for the other! ahhhhh -headpalm-

THEN I got in trouble because my french teacher decided that my shirt was too low-cut and my skirt too short and she sent a message to the dean and made me change. MY SCIENCE TEACHER WAS WEARING A MORE LOW-CUT SHIRT THAN ME! I WAS NOT INAPPROPRIATELY DRESSED! eeerrrrg.

Otherwise the week was okay. Ish.
I had auditions for the play (Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin). I thought I did well. I was really hoping to get in. It sounded great.
Cast list went up today.
I'm not  in it.
I didn't have much time to feel bad for myself though, because my friend who has been dying for this role hadn't gotten in either. And she wants to be an actress when she's older. So I had to hug her and comfort her as she cried. Whatever. Next time?
ALTHOUGH, there is one point in the play when Picasso visualises his painting, "les demoiselles d'avignon" and there is supposed to be some sort of image/projection of it placed on stage so the audiences sees what he is picturing. Chris, the awesome director of the show decided that he would get four girls to dress up in beige bodysuits and pretend to be the painting! And i get to be one of them! Recreate a more abstract version of this art! I'm excited for that, at least. It's like two seconds stage time, but still.

Auditions for the musical are on Monday. "The Music Man." I'm excited.

OH. One last very important thing: my super awesome Drama teacher has decided to start an A Capella group. She says we get to choose what songs we sing. Me and all my other drama-nerd friends have joineed and we plan to make this exactly like Glee Club! We're going to sing Don't Stop Believin' and Rehab and stuff. Maybe there will even be a bit of choreography, because the teacher running this is a great choreographeer as well.
So we're verrryyy excited for our Glee Club! =D

There were a lot more things I wanted to say, but I've talked a lot already (about rather boring things) and I'm still exhausted (thus the messy writing.)

Have a good friday!



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