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Of Flights and Farewells
Heeeello! I just finished watching Eastwick. As a show, it's not that great, but seeing as Darren Criss is in it...well, it's amazing.
I know, I know. I'm such a fangirl. But in all seriousness, he was pretty awesome in his 3 scenes in the Eastwick episode. I'm excited for more. :)

^ I wrote that last week.
Okay, so this post isn't actually as dramatic as the title makes it out to be, I just couldn't resist the catchy alliteration. :P
Wow, I've really gotten out of the habit of blogging. That is bad. I still think about blogging a lot during the day, but I just never actually make the time to do it.
There was so much I wanted to talk about, but I have absolutely no time.
I guess the most important thing is:

While this is an awesome phenomenon, it is also causing a lot of suckage in my life right now. For example, this entire week has been one of intense stress and nerves. Because I'm going to be missing a week of school, all my projects that were due during that week or when I get back have to be done before I leave.
This includes writing a reading response, preparing for and doing the first math test of the year, reading 200 pages in French and summarizing each chapter with 200 words (in French), and so so much more.
Thus, stress.
And lack of sleep.

On top of that, my teachers have been adding to my piles of homework daily. So now, every day I'm going to have to put my enjoyable, adventurous, relaxing, exhilarating trip  to my homeland on pause, and work on my school work. This is sad.

Why do the important things always happen on the days that you miss?!

So, yeah. Finland. I'm traveling alone, which is terrifying. I've done it before, but only to Chicago. This time I have to transfer in Ottawa and in Frankfurt. I've never been in either airport. And supposedly the Frankfurt one is huge. I'm scared. :(
Oh, and seeing as I've been whining and complaining this whole blog: you know what else sucks?
I'm leaving at 3pm Thursday this time, and arriving there 3pm Friday there time. I love an entire day while traveling. That's kind of depressing.

Oh oh oh. In stupendous news: I went to the Mika concert last night! It was amazing, obviously.
This is the second time I've seen him in concert and the first time was only better because I had floor seats right in front of him. I guess it's kind of bad that the first time I saw him was the first time I saw anyone in concert because now everyone looks so bad compared to him. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating, he is one of the best performers. He has so much energy and he really knows how to work the crowd. I was dancing so hard the whole time.
Also, concert shirts:

Okay, so I've gotta go because when my mom gets stressed she gets really annoying and argumentative, and we're currently having a "discussion" (that involves shouting) about the size of my suitcase. Seriously, she wants me to take this tiny bag. I'm going for EIGHT days. Not that I'm materialistic (okay, I am, a bit. At least I'm aware) but I need my stuff. Rawr!

Okay, so hopefully I'll be blogging from Finland! I'll write some stuff while I'm there so I can post when I get back to internet-land. (we're staying on my godfather's island in the Baltic Sea for a few days. =D)

Yay! I finally successfully blogged!
See ya!
Wish me luck with packing and flying. And not getting sick! (I always get scared that I'm going to get sick on trips. Knock on wood!)


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That's so awesome! Have fun in Finland :) Try not to get too stressed out before hand, and best of luck getting everything done :)

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