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NaNoWriMo, Stress and Such.
Hi! I'm in class, and I finished all my work but instead of working on my NaNoWriMo, which I should be doing, I'm blogging instead. Oh well.
This'll be very short because I just have 15 minutes to write it.

NaNoWriMo. It's been very stressful and I'm only halfway to the point that I should be at right now. I have 8817 words, but I think I'm supposed to have 16000 words by now! To be fair, I did miss the first week of it because I had way too much homework to even consider starting.
I'm planning on spending a few days this weekend writing. Today is Wednesday, and I have no school tomorrow or Friday, so this is like my friday, only better because it's wednesday. Win!
Yeah, so my NaNo story keeps jumping around a lot. I started in third person and decided on page 4 that I'd rather write in first person. So that's changed. Also, I really want to change it to present tense, but I think it's too late to do that.
It started as a sort of tween/YA realistic fiction about this girl who was obsessed with a guy, but I realized that that was just cheesy and shallow, so I made it a bit of a Mystery novel. Now it's starting to become Fantasy (ghosts, and such.)
Oh well. xD

Yesterday, I went to the library after school. I've only been there a few times, but it was really fun. I went by myself and I just hung out with the books and my own novel. It was a nice place to work on
NaNoWriMo. I enjoyed it and will probably go back to write soon.

In other news, I made a new Harry Potter fandom friend online, through the HPA chat room. Her name is Kara and she is superawesome. :) I love making nerd friends. :D

Oh oh and you know what sucks so much? Ugh, it makes me so mad. So a few days ago, my brother accidentally left his facebook logged on on his college radio stations computer (where he normally hangs out) and while he was at work, his friend went on his profile and pretending t o be him, she said all these disgusting things and made him announce that he was homosexual (which he's not, and it's not even a bad thing except that she said it so vulgarly.) She changed his profile picture to naked men and did all these horrible things which totally freaked all his friends out.
I'm so mad at her! What a bitch, honestly. I'm obviously some one who spends a lot of time on the internet, but sometimes when things like this happen, it reminds me of how dangerous it could be.
Anyways, just sharing. I don't want to sound like one of those lecturers who come around trying to tell you that the internet will ruin your life, but I will say that you should be careful about logging out and about who you share your passwords with. Just sayin'.

Yeah, so that's it. Lots of homework,
NaNoWriMo stress and stuff, but now I have a long weekend and I intend to write, watch Buffy, watch Doctor Who and write more. I'm excited.
Also, I'm hopefully hanging out with my new IRL nerdfighter friends on friday. =]

That's it. Wish me luck with
NaNoWriMo. And for anyone else who is doing it, good luck! Keep it up!

Best wishes,


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I know it's really late and completely pointless to say since it's December, but GOOD LUCK WITH NANOWRIMO!haha, I make myself laugh. I hate when people go to far, like that girl. One time I changed my friend's profile to make it seem like they were obsessed with elephants. Like, their favorite movie was dumbo and their favorite musician was elephant man. It was great, and they thought it was funny. ANYWAY, that's my story!


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