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Doctor Who Rant
Okay, so really quick post to rant about Doctor Who.
If you haven't seen up to Season 3, don't read this!

NOTE: If you're reading this, you should know that I wrote most of this without thinking, and I didn't really mean a lot of it. Please read the what I posted the day after this one (up there ^^) because it explains a bit more. I was just ranting here, and I'm totally wrong! :)

It pisses me off SO much that the Doctor always asks young, pretty girls to come with him. I mean I know that I should get over Rose, because she's gone, s'far as I know. But the Doctor and Rose were meant to be together. They were soulmates. So very very perfect for each other. And, okay, she's gone!
But after Season 2, the Doctor could have waited at least a little while before picking up another chick! But no, the second he meets Martha, he thinks, 'oh, hey, she's pretty! Maybe I she'd be fun to flirt with! I could make her fall in love with her, even though I'll never actually care about her feelings because I'm still in love with Rose!' I mean, I'm not defending Martha, I actually really don't like her and I'm glad she's gone for now, but seriously? The Doctor is such a womanizing flirt.
But that's not even what bothers me the most! What bothers me is that he doesn't think about his former companions at all. He just ditches them (or they get separated or whatever,) and then goes on with his life, picking up new girls. Erg! I mean we got a glimpse of this when we met Sarah Jane in season 1 (or 2). She was all depressed because he'd left her to grow old, and then found a new girl. Imagine how Rose would feel if he saw him picking up woman after woman?

Haha, I know, I'm totally crazy. It's just a TV series, and they're not real people, whatever. But still! I'm a sympathetic person, and I feel the emotions for the characters.

I just watched Voyage of the Damned (first one of season 4) and I was so upset how right away, he asks that young woman (kylie?) to come with him, and then at the end when he has the choice to take a smart, wise old man with him, he immediately turns it down, saying, "I travel alone."
Yeah, sure you travel alone. Unless you're a young, hot girl, then you can come with him. Rawr!

Now, that being said, let me clear this up. If the Doctor showed up on my doorstep, I wouldn't refuse him. You kidding me? I'm in love with him. But that doesn't stop me from seeing that he is a bit of a flirt. In a bad way. Still, if I could choose one thing to happen to me, it'd either be that I get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, or that David Tennant shows up on my street. Coming for me. :P

Oh, and one other thing before I end this silly rant. I hate how he has kissed both of the other women he traveled/potentially traveled with, but he never really kissed Rose. I mean, sure, at the end of season 1, him and Rose have the most epic kiss ever, but she doesn't remember it after, so it doesn't really count. But then in season 3, Martha gets a kiss from him, and in Voyage of the Damned, he gives such a passionate kiss to Kylie.
The only reason this pisses me off is because I'm obsessed with how great Rose and the Doctor were as a couple. They were just perfect. And in all there time together, they could have had such an amazing romantic relationship, but instead, it was always hidden even though they were both clearly in love with each other from the start.
Seriously, there are only two people the Doctor could be with, and I'd be happy. The first is Rose. The second is me.
Oh and actually, the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness would make such a good couple! It made me so sad when I found out Jack had a crush on the Doctor! Because he would never get him, and he would have to live forever knowing that. And they would have been so freaking awesome together. :P

Rant over.

I'm sorry. For anyone who actually read this, wow. You're either dedicated to my blog or as freakishly obsessed with Doctor Who as I am.
It's okay if you didn't read it all. This was mostly for me to vent my frustrations.
Wow, I talk a lot.

In other news: NaNoWriMo is not technically going well. As in, I only have 12 000 words, but i should have 25 000 by the end of tomorrow. I'm still proud of myself, and I've been working relatively hard on it. I should spend more time on it though, I know that. Ah! I haven't read in this entire month because every free moment is spent writing. Or doing homework.

Okay. Good night.

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I completely agree with you about the Doctor and Rose being perfect for one another; however, I would not go as far as to say the Doctor is a womanizing flirt by any means. In the episode 'School Reunion' in Season 2 where the Doctor is reunited with Sarah Jane, you can see the anguish he feels upon seeing her again and how much it pains him that everyone he's had to leave everyone he's ever loved. More than anything, I think the Doctor is very lonely, though he'd never admit it. I think he never meant to be anything more than Martha's friend; I never sensed he was in any way romantically attracted to her. Did he love Martha? Yes, but in a platonic sense only. He's loved all of his companions, but the only two he's every really possibly loved in a romantic sense are Rose and Sarah Jane. If you watch the really old episodes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, you'll see that he makes strong bonds of friendship with all of his companions, but you can sense that there might be something more between him and Sarah Jane--though, admittedly the connection is no where near as strong or as apparent as his connection with Rose. That's why I think that while it is very clear to us as audience members that the Rose and Doctor are in love, he tries not to act on his feelings because he knows, in inevitably, they cannot stay together forever simply by virtue of who he is. There is a wonderful fan video on youtube entitled 'Shattered' that depicts how heartbreaking it is for the Doctor to constantly have to leave those he loves. I'd send you a link to it, but it has major season 4 spoilers in it, so I won't. Speaking of Season 4, I can't WAIT for you to see it, especially the finale. The four part season 4 finale is my absolute favorite part of the whole series. I was an emotional wreck by the end of it, but I think once you see season four it will be easier for you to understand where the Doctor is coming from and that he is not a womanizing flirt by any stretch of the imagination, just a very lonely man who is always striving to do what is right and help others. The Doctor has such a wonderful and complex character yet flawed and human (though, of course, technically he is not). It is such a sweeping generalization to declare him a 'womanizing flirt' when his emotions and actions and personality are all as complex as they are. The reason the Doctor says "I travel alone," to the old man has nothing to do with the fact that the character in question is not a young, attractive woman, but rather because the Doctor is tired of having his heart broken. And one can certainly have their heart broken by a friend--have one's heart broken does not imply that it had to have been broken by a love interest of some sort. Also, I think he ultimately decides to allow Martha to travel with him not because she is young and pretty but because she is an intelligent, quick witted, and strong person whom the Doctor had grown to see as a friend. Remember, he didn't want her to travel with him right away as he was still reeling from the loss of Rose. I've always been a really big Martha fan and I admired her ability to reconstruct her life and move on even after she had her heart broken by the Doctor. Plus, she saved the entire universe at the end of season 3. That counts for something, I think. But anyway, while it was painful for Martha to realize that the Doctor would never love her, it's also important to realize that he wasn't at fault for not loving Martha, nor was Martha at fault for falling in love with the Doctor. But I totally understand where your coming from when you say you miss Rose. I remember I posted a long rant about how perfect she and the Doctor were and while I did like Martha, how much I missed season 2 way back in February of last year on my old livejournal which has since been deleted.

Anyway, this was obviously in no way meant to be an attack against you, just politely disagreeing :-) I'm glad we both share a love of Doctor Who and the Doctor and Rose's relationship. I hope you can forgive me for the ridiculous length of this comment. DFTBA! <3


Oh my god, thank you so much for this comment. It was exactly what I needed.
I realize that using the words "womanizing flirt" was a much too strong thing to say. I wasn't really thinking, and deep down I knew that that's not at all what he is. Recently, I commented on a video of "Voyage of the Damned" saying a very short, concise version of this entire blog post, and the person who'd posted the video responded very angrily telling me that he wasn't a 'womaniser' at all and he feels a lot of pain and that I shouldn't be so assuming.
I never really meant womanising when I said it. I was just frustrated that he kept finding these girls who fell in love with him. It just upset me that he immediately asked Kylie in Voyage of the Damned to come with him. But I do realize that he is very lonely, and people like Kylie and Martha have the right sort of mind to work well with him.
I'm happy that you actually took the time to prove me wrong and explain why I was wrong, it was much more helpful than the angry comment I received on youtube. I guess I really should be more careful of what I say. Also, I should wait and see what happens in series 4 before I judge.
But I truly love the Doctor, and really, I'm just jealous that I'm not the one that he picks to come with him. =P

Anyway, everything you said in your comment is totally true and illuminating. I wasn't thinking about his heart(s) when I said that. It's true that he really just didn't want to get his heart broken again. And you're right, he does have to leave everyone eventually and that must be really hard for him, so I really shouldn't have been so accusatory.
Basically, you're right.
Thank you! I will edit this blog post to explain that my feelings have totally changed.
You rock. Leave lengthy comments whenever you want. :)

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