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Doctor Who UnRanted
Okay, so this post is actually going to be short, I'm just writing it to say that my previous post about Doctor Who was totally wrong, and I didn't mean most of it. I know I'm just backing out of what I said, and I don't mean to do that. I will explain.
Once again, I know that it's just a TV show, but I feel really bad about what I said.
I wrote that at 3 am last night, immediately after watching an episode that just frustrated me. I really didn't mean it. Everything I said about the Doctor always picking young, hot girls and making them fall in love with him only to break their hearts, well, I know that I was wrong. The Doctor is a much deeper character than that and he feels so much pain every time he has to leave one of his companions behind.
The Doctor is such a lonely person and because of who he is, he can never keep a companion forever. They always have to leave him at some point, and it pains him a lot.
I was wrong in mentioning Sarah Jane because I'm sure there was some backstory as to why he had to leave her, and I'll probably find that out as I watch season 4. I shouldn't assume. I realize.
Also, I completely regret using the word 'womaniser.' because that is really the last thing that the Doctor is.
Anyway, I'm not going to un-say everything that I said in my last post, just remember:
Every single thing I wrote in my last blog post about Doctor Who has changed, except for me loving the Doctor and Rose being together. I disagree with everything else.

If you want to hear more about how wrong every thing I said was, please please read Maddy's comment on my previous post, and my response to it. Basically says and explains everything. Maddy is amazing. :)

Yeah, so I'm sorry. I hope I didn't hurt the Doctor's feelings! Hah! He's great and I was a totally rude, judgmental, assuming bitch in my last post.
Hahah. Yeah, I'm making a big deal. I just feel bad. Hahah.
Post done.


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