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Fails, Crying, and Short Stories
Okay, I'm going to start this before I have a chance to change my mind.
First of all: auditions for the musical went horrendously. They were singing auditions, and as soon as I opened my mo
uth, a sound like a hyena dying filled the room. I was momentarily perplexed by this sound before I realized that it was coming from me. The three teachers (the choreographer, the director (both sitting behind a desk), and the particularly handsome musical director (behind a piano)) were all sitting expectantly in front of me, like judges in American Idol, so I knew I couldn't stop. I barely made it through the song when my eyes filled up with tears. I managed to hold them in though, as the attractive musical director looked at me in fake appreciation, a disgusted smile pasted on his face, the choreographer mumbled a "that was...good," and the director stared at me in complete horror.

After a few moments, the director said, "Did you think it was a bit...high? Chris," he turned to the musical director, "do you wanna lower it a few tones, and maybe play the melody along with her? Alex, just give it another go, okay?"

I commenced again, my voice
wrought with embarrassment. The second time through was slightly better, though not by much.  "Good," the director nodded.
As I walked quickly out of the room, the tears exploded. I hate being embarrassed. More than anything. It was awful. And not just that, now I'm probably not going to get a decent part in the musical, even if I do get in.
Anyways, that was just the beginning to the horrors that day. I.e., I had to go to "rehearsal" for the play that I didn't technically get into, and since I was already on edge due to my fail audition, I wound up crying to that director in his office.

Okay, don't get me wrong, I'm not a cry baby who can't deal with her situations. Tears just happen to come, not only when I am sad, but when I am frustrated, hurt, embarrassed, and worst of all, angry.
So, you know, it adds up.

ANYWAYS. On to more important things, that matter more. (redundant?)

Recently, Kristina (italktosnakes) said this on her blog, "I also appreciate letting my inner child out and reliving all of my favorite stories with my best friend in a foreign country."
This just sounded so marvelous to me, that it is now a new goal in my life: to be in a foreign country with my childhood best friend, and be children again.
I'm excited. :)

In other news, I finally may have thought of an idea for story. Which is good because I need to write a "significant piece of creative writing" for English class (I have until February though.) My idea is going to be partially based on the morals from Paper Towns (complexity, many layered people) what I think Liar is about (I never read it, but a girl trying to find her identity), one of John Green's videos, and hopefully original ideas from my mind.
I'm excited. :)
Anyways, my computer is threatening to die on me, so I guess I better wrap this up.
Life is okay. At the moment, I am feeling...7on the happiness scale. Basically, no reason to be sad, but no reason to be happy. I'm content, I guess.
Also, I finnaaalllyy started a dance class. All last year I tried to find one, but I could never manage to find an english speaking dance class at my level. I adore contemporary, but due to my schedule and stuffs, I'm signed up for a kind of hip hop jazz class. Our number is going to be about vampires.
I'm excited. :)

According to this post, I'm quite an excited child.

Okay, that is all. I will try to blog more. It's so hard to start, but once I do, I talk for hours. xD
Love y'all. :)


Video of the day:

I love this version :D Darren is soooo beautiful and talented and fuunny. And the rest are all amazingly adorable and hilarious and awesome.

Toodles! xxx

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You are such a great writer. :]

I always get really upset after auditions, and I totally understand that feeling when you know you didn't do as well as you could have, that feeling of rejection, embarrassment, and disappointment. bleck. I hate it. It's the only thing I don't like about performing.

Good luck with your creative writing project, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully. You should definitely post some excerpts from it if you get the chance.:)


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