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An Update. And Boys.
Hi! I haven't blogged for a really long time, and I really don't have time right now, but I'm going to do it anyways.
Just not very detailed.
So lately, I've been obsessing over Alex Day's album Parrot Stories. l haven't actually bought it yet because I can't decide if I should order it or buy it on iTunes, but I absolutely adore it.

There's one set of lyrics that is just...my life.
"There's people out there in the world like us, who have chemistry and the common sense to act on it. But, who needs simplicity in this candid game of hearts, we'll just keep on dancing 'till we tear ourselves apart."
The guy that I like, who I have liked for forever just never seems to get then hint that I like him. And we are friends. And we clearly have so much chemistry. But we just don't seem to have the common sense to act on it. If I were optimistic, I would say "Who needs simplicity?" And I would just keep dancing. Except, I don't want to continue getting torn apart.
So yeah, my life.
Also, I've definitely advanced in the boy department. "The Object"--as I will refer to him as here -- and I really seem to be going somewhere sometimes. And then not.
I don't know.
Honestly, guys. They drive me crazy. I don't know what to do with them.
"--men what is it about them? Can't live with 'em or without 'em!"
*musical nerd jokes, musical nerd jokes* *turns camera side to side*

Okay, so last week, I went on a three day trip with my school. It was supermegaawesome.
Yeah, okay, I just brought something up that I don't intend to talk about right now. I'm just too tired, and I really want to read a bit before I sleep.
But I will talk about the epic trip later. Consider it a cliff-hanger.

Also, I still haven't thought of a solid NaNoWriMo idea. But I will.

Goodnight! DFTBA

OH OH. p.s. The GREATEST thing happened last Tuesday! I was at school and I overheard the words "nerdfighter notes." Immediately, my head spun around until I found the source. A pretty Asian girl in grade 9, and a sweet guy in grade 9. As I approached, I heard the words, "I can't believe you haven't read harry potter."
Enter, me.
"WHAT?! You haven't read Harry Potter?!"
Boy (Patrick): Haha, no.
Girl (Annie): I KNOW, RIGHT?
And somehow from this, we started talking about nerdfighters. and harry potter. and the Parselmouths. and anime. and conventions.
and ZOMG they are my new best friends. It's fine and dandy when you MAKE your friend into a nerdfighter, but when you MEET someone who is as obsessed with Harry Potter and youtube as you and you completely start squee-ing and talking about wizard rock, then you know life is great.
These guys are in my school. And I never knew.
I'm so excited!!!!!!

OKay, i g2g, friend drama. love you!


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TAKE ME FOR WHAT I AAAAAAMMM, WHO I WAS MENT TO BE!!! I love Rent. That's one of, if not, my favorite songs from it. DUDE I wish I would meet a nerdfighter in my school. I mean, I try to by writing DFTBA every chance I get and hoping someone will recognize it, but I NEVER MEET A NERDFIGHTER. DANGIT. Anyway, I'm going to comment, or at least read, all the blogs I've missed while I was A.W.O.L. See you in the next comment!


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