Right Place, Right Time

it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

Consisting of Hair Dye and the King of Gondor
I haven't blogged for a while, so here I am.
Life's been okay, I guess. Busy. School started for me on Thursday, and its all right. I have good teachers mostly, except that I have one teacher 11 times in 10 days and as advisor (homeroom.) So even though I love her, I do think I'll be sick of her soon.
Also, I don't have everyone that I wanted in my class so I'm kind of sad about that. I mean, obviously I wasn't going to have a perfect class but still. The two friends who are in my class are the two friends that I get annoyed with. Like, I fight with them if I seee them too much. So that's not good. Also.."the object" isn't in my class either. Which makes me sad.
Hahah, I wonder what he would say if he knew I called him "the object." It's kind of demeaning, isn't it? Oh well. Hah.

Wow, I'm really not writing well today. I'm sorry if this blog makes no sense or sounds like a five year old wrote it.

Oh oh, I dyed my hair. I was going for a Weasley-esque colour but because I had dark hair to begin with, its just like orangey reddish brown hair. It's nice though.
Oh oh oh oh oh. I don't think I've said this in my blog yet? I hope not. I know I tweeted about it. But ANYWAYS.
My neighbour's boyfriend is VIGGO MORTENSEN'S dad. As in ARAGORN.
As in, this beautiful man. Yes, this one.
Okay, okay, fair enough, he's not THAT gorgeous anymore, he is getting old. But he still has the schmexiness visible there. If you like older guys. Haha.
OKAY but anyways, his dad. Yeah, his dad is next door right now. As a matter of fact, I can SEE him right now if I look out my window. He's rather old and white haired, but its still his dad.
But I know, your thinking, "So? It's his dad. It's not HIM, so who cares?" BUT. I got his autograph. YES. His autograph. And not just like, through eBay or something. My neighbour had dinner with him and probably discussed ME for some length of time. Maybe even just a few seconds but she definitely said something, even if it was just: "Oh, my neighbours daughter is a big fan of your and she was wondering if she could get an autograph. Oh, she speaks Swedish too, which is interesting. She'd probably understand you if you spoke to her in Danish."
I bring that up because he is from Denmark, and this is what he wrote on my paper: "Til Alexandra." Til means to in danish and swedish. So anywyas, maybe he writes that for everyone but to me it seems like he specifically wrote something special FOR me as he thought OF me.


Anyways. I know, I know,  he's a celebrity, he's just a person I should stop being so obsessed. Whatever. I have some faults. This is one of them. Seriously, just rewatch Lord of the Rings, and then tell me I'm being shallow.
Also, he's coming in to town on the 10th and he might come to my neighbour's house. And if he does, I  might just be able to meet him. SQUEE.

Okay, sorry.
ANYWAYS, in other news:
My friend and I are still intensely working on our video for Mika's contest. I gave up hope for a while, cause I thought we bit off way more than we can chew. I mean, we have around 400 video files that we have to edit into a 4 minutes video in less than 4 days. gejiodsfkdamlwsl.
But then we started editing, and I have hope again. Our first 5 seconds look really good so far. xD

Oh my god, I watched the Doctor Who episode with the creepy people with the gas mask faces, and I couldnt sleep for days. "Mummy? Are you my mummy?" Ahh! I'm not a horror movie kind of person, and this was way worse than The Ring 2 or the Eye (the two scary movies I've seen.)
Still great though.
Okay, well I'm off to have a picnic with my friends. Hopefully my next blog will make a bit more sense and be a bit more better written. Haha, kidding. Will be written better. More better? Hahah. Okay, sorry.

I'm off!


ROAR! *pulls hair out*
Oh, hi, I didn't see you there
Hem hem. Annoying. It is being annoying.

Anyways, this past week has been my Birthday Week. Therefore, I have been celebrating my birthday this week. xD

Wednesday was my actual birthday, and it was very pleasant. I woke up to a requested breakfast-in-bed. Then I took a long time getting slowly ready in the morning for my day to commence. My family and I decided to go on a picnic to this lovely park that we used to go to when my dog was a puppy. (3 years ago-ish.)
It was really nice. Perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold. Sitting on a blanket, in a clearing in a forest, with my family around me and the sun on my face, I really couldn't find anything to complain about. And why would I want to? It was as perfect as perfect could be, I think.
<--- at the park

After that, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to call up my friend and go watch Ponyo, which turned out to be ridiculously adorable. Apparently, it has some sort of deeper environmental message. I got that, but I don't really think it was such a big part of the film

When the movie was done, I went back home for our traditional birthday dinner. It was very nice. The supper took place in our rarely-used dining room, with the fancy cutlery and plates. I had my choice of food - chicken parmesan - and a cake at the end. I'm really not one for desserts, so it was more of a traditional thing.

In the green birthday present seen in that image, (yes it is xmas wrapping) was a box of Nesquik cereal. Inside it was another wrapped present. That contained Season 1 of The Wire, a TV show that my mom has been obsessed with, and always asks for for her birthday. Upon examining, I realized that it was only the outer case of the show, and inside was yet another wrapped gift. Beneath the starry blue paper was Doctor Who, the complete first series.

My dad had decided to prolong the gift-opening in that way because there was only one gift. It was highly amusing. I love my dad. :]

Anyways, I immediately started watching the series. And I am in love. From the first episode, I can't stop thinking about it. Christopher Eccleston is oddly attractive, even though he's kind of old and awkward looking. (Maybe it's just the British accent.)
And, I'm only on episode 5, - I'm trying to savour and prolong each episode - I can't stop hoping, wishing, waiting for a relationship to happen between Rose and the Doctor. Clearly, they both have interest in each other. Clearly, they are meant to be. Now, WHEN WILL BE THE FIRST MAGICAL KISS?
Also, I totally dry-cried through all the episodes that I've seen so far. At least the ones that take place on Earth. I don't know why. They're just so emotionally awesome. Hahah.

ANYWHOS, The following day, on Thursday, I went to ONoir with one of my best friends. I don't think you comprehend the amazingness of this. ONoir is this restaurant. It is black. Pitch black. As in, you can not see ANYTHING.
Let me explain. The idea of the restaurant is for one to be able to experience how the blind eat. When you lose one of your senses, all your other senses are immediately heightened. Thus, when your sight is taken away, your sense of taste, smell and touch are suddenly better.
So, this is how it goes. You order your food in a room that is seperate from the rest of the restaurant ( I had filet mignon. *melts* and "surprise dessert.") Then, you are led into the room by a blind waiter (they're all blind,) and seated at a table. The waiter talks to you as you enter, telling you what is around you, when you turn, reassuring you. Because it is pitch black. No matter how long you stay in that room or how hard you look you can not see anything.
Anyways, the food tasted beyond delicious. I knew that the waiter was coming because I could smell the lemon in my 7-Up. Everything was as great as it promised to be, if not better.
We had no idea what the room looked like, no idea how many other people were there. We guessed there were about 3 other groups, (it was a weekday night) but by the time we left, we were the last ones theree. It was actually kind of frightening. The waitress had asked us if we wanted to stay awhile after she'd taken our food away, and of course we did. Then, two hours later, the restaurant fell silent. And we couldn't see. And it was terrifying.

But otherwise, all was beyond awesome.

And that's not all. I really had very many birthday celebrations this year, I guess.
Yesterday (Maddy's birthday!!!!!) I had my own birthday party, with my friends. I invited 7 of my school friends out to dinner at this nice diner called Nickels. We had fun flirting with the waiter and being immature about it. (i.e. we left a heart shaped note under our tip on the table saying, "Call Us" along with one of our phone numbers.) It was stupid, but fun. :P

Then we walked to my house (thank god I live downtown) and we ate a delicious Blizzard cake from Dairy Queen. Ah, I'm drooling at the thought of it. Haha.
We then watched Mickey Blue Eyes, and by the time that was over, only 3 of my friends, the ones who were sleeping over, were left. Luckily these three had  all read the Harry Potter series, so when we decided to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets it really turned into a 2 hour rant/appreciation of the HP movies. It was fun.
Then we talked until 5 am about absolutely nothing.

The next morning, today, two of my friends and I went and saw Adam which was a cute/happy/sad/bittersweet movie.

Aaaand that has been my week. Busy, no? It was nice. I'm happy.
Tomorrow I plan on filming more for the Mika competition.
And on Tuesday, I'm going to Chapters and buying Catching Fire (the next book after the Hunger Games, I'm SO EXCITED) and Harry Potter Should Have Died by Mugglenet.
Also, I can't wait for Going Bovine by Libba Bray to come out. How could you NOT want to read a book when the author concedes to make a trailer like this for it.

Okay. I've rambled enough.
Maddy: I'm sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday on the actual day, but it seems like you had a good time, so I'm happy for you! Yayyy :)
Christy: you're awesome
Erm, not that you aren't Maddy! You BOTH are! <3

Okay. That is all. Enough ramble rambling.


Good day, my fellows!
"The world mocks him, the magic shocks him, the pressure rocks him, cause no one believes in him!"
Sorry, I've got to stop randomly quoting songs that I'm listening too.

I GOT A HAIRCUT TODAY. For the LONGEST time, I've been dying to cut my hair extreemeely short, but I always held back for the following reasons:
a) I get bored with my hair easily, and I knew that once it was short, I couldn't change it as often as I'd like
b) what if it didn't look good?
c) its my HAIR. It's hard to cut it all off!

BUT I DID IT. i was just at the hairdressers, and she was like super-profession
al and she said I would look good with short hair, she showed me pictures and then I just put all my trust in her and let her CUT.


Epic shortness, right?

Here's the side:

Yay! Okay, you're probably really bored about this. I was just excited.

So this was my first time in this hairdresser, and it was beyond awesome. First, they put me in this dark, curtained room in the back with soft meditation music and they rubbed scented oil into my hair while giving me a massage. Then they calmly, softly washed my hair. Then I got a haircut. After that, they gave me a makeup touch-up! For free. It made me happy.
All this for 20$! Arsihosmnflasmc.
<-- subtle free makeup!

Okay. Boring, sorry.
Tomorrow is my birthday. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. I hope I'm not stuck at home being bored on my birthday! :O

Ah ah. This post is basically awfully boring. I'm just excited about my new hair!
Now I feeel sad. Hahahah, I have such spontaneous mood bursts. I'm going to go lie on my roof a read a book. (The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.)

I had a really different thing planned for this blog. I was going to discuss religion and such. Next time, i suppose.


p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOEzM0rTIbU

The Butterbeer Experience Wrocks My Life
Hello! Lately I've been listening to some of the more emotional songs by The Butterbeer Experience, and because music so easily affects my mood, I've been feeling emotional/sentimental/nostalgic lately.

Anyways, just felt like saying that. Here are the songs that are on my playlist, if you want to hear them.  (it's great sleep music).:

Chapter 34

Merope's song
The Greater Good
Fall For Me

Ah, they're so amazing. Lena is incredible. I'm listening to Fall For Me right now, and even though it is a love song to a tree...it's still so sweet and awesome <33 I just wanted to share that playlist of awesome with y'all.

ANYWAYS. Today, I went shopping. Back-to-school shopping. But for clothes. A birthday present from my mom.
I got really awesome shoes.
And an adorable purse, and a pair of jeans and some shirts from Urban Outfitters. I love them, and  I love my mom for getting them for me!
Also, I went with my mom to buy the first season of Dr Who, which is a "surprise" birthday present for me, she just needed help picking the right one.

Also: Lovely Lily by the Remus Lupins
. Its actually a happy song, but still makes me emotional.
Ahah, I'm such a hormonal teenager. Up then down then up again.

My friend just came over, and she yelled at me to turn of Merope's song. I got sad. Because she's into wizard rock, and she would so love Lena if she would only LISTEN. But instead she said, "NO its giving me a headache!" (not in those words though.)
And then she turned on some Arabic dance music. So weird.

Oh, and if you're reading this Sophie, I love you? :P
But listen to Lena!!

Okay, so I was intending on taking webcam pics of my new shoes/purse/clothes but I cant find my webcam software to install it in my laptop.

Oh oh oh I've been meaning to talk about this for a while, but I keep forgetting. Mika, the epic awesome singer, is having a competition where you have to make a music video for his latest single, and Sophie and I have been determinedly working on a video. We are SURE that we can win a meet-and-greet with him. 
If you wanna enter, here's the webpage: http://www.wearegolden.com
We will for sure win. Muahahaha.

Okay, I've gotta go now. We're going to film a scene of us fully clothed in a  bubble bath with rubber duckies. Hah. :P

See ya!


Birthday in 2 days!!

Miley Cyrus is Gay?
Okay, so I just did something really annoying, and I'm quite proud of it.

First of all, I really don't like Miley Cyrus, I think she is fake and awful, and sounds like a man. But I like this song.

Anyways, as I was listening to it, I started reading the comments and someone had said, "GAYYY!!!"

I read that and then, confused, I asked myself, "Gay? Is she really? Cool of her to come out of the closet like that."
Then, after having a think, I realized that DylanLuver4eva wasn't celebrating the fact that Miley was homosexual, rather he was trying to insult her by using the word "gay."

Immediately, I wrote this in reply to his comment:

Hello, Dylan Luver!
So, I don't particularly like Miley Cyrus, but I was just wondering (purely out of curiosity) how this song makes her "GAYYY."
Personally, although it doesn't really matter if she is homosexual or not, I don't really think this song makes her sound lesbian at all.
Anyways, I was just wondering how you came to the conclusion that this was homosexual.

...did I just defend Miley Cyrus? xD

Best wishes,
alex "

Hahah. So yeah, I made a nuisance of myself. Oh well. He needed a lesson.

(also, obviously, I wasn't actually confused when I read that comment. Hahaha xD)

So yeah. Just wanted to proudly share that moment with you. :)


New laptops FTW.

Short blog time!
Today, I got a new laptop.
It's not really MINE, but I get to keep it for two years. And I get to pay a hell of a lot for it.
You see, at my school they have this laptop program, where you HAVE to rent a laptop from them. Its not an option. Basically, my school rents hundreds of really crappy Dell laptops, and then makes all the students pay 900$ a year to rent them from the school.
These shitty laptops probably only cost $1000 dollars to buy. And we have to pay $900 for each year, for all five years of high school, and then we dont even get to keep the crap computers at the end.

It is really stupid. Many parents have complained. But, to attend the school, you need to rent their laptops. Ugh.
Anyways, I just completed my third year of high school, and so I returned the laptop that I had since grade 7 to the school. And then I had to go all summer computer-less (borrowed my mom's) and now I finally have a new shit laptop to use until I graduate.

Okay, maybe I'm complaining too much. They're not that awful. Okay, they are, but at least they work. Also, we pay that much money, supposedly, for repair fees. Because the school will fix our laptops whenever we break them.
Because of this, many people purposely destroyed their laptops, just so that their money wouldn't be put to waste. I remember someone took all their keys out and rearranged them, then brought it to the tech office and said, "I don't know what happened. Fix it, please?"
To which they could not say no.
I think someone also ran theirs over with a car.
Now, no matter how much we are paying, or how crappy the computers are, I wouldn't go that  far to break it. In fact, sometimes I grow attached to my laptops.
This new one is black, and sleek. It is painted to look like wood (which is kind of cheesy.)
I like the screen because it is not reflective, which is nice.
I think I might like this computer as long as it doesn't turn out to be too malfunctiony, like the last one.

Okay, rant done.

Also, I had these plans to do fun stuff with my friends today, but then last night (I was sleeping over at my friend's house,) I could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned, I listened to my iPod, and I didn't. I tried EVERYTHING. But I stayed awake until I left her house at 10 in the morning.
And now I feel awful. I have a stomach ache, and I'm confined to my room. *sigh*

-new computer
-relaxing day
-nice rain
-understanding friends
-Harry Potter audiotapes, while knitting Hufflepuff scarfs

-major stomach pains
-no sleep
-neck pain


Bothersome Internet, Old Stories & Collab Channels
[note: this extremely-long blog is basically what would have been several blog posts combined into one. Instead of spamming my blog with 1000 posts on the same day, I've written it in one post. Sorry for the length!)

I was going to entitle this post "Retrospective" but then I realized that that is not at all what I'm going to be talking about here.

First, I'd like to say (as Maddy stated in her blog) that I really need to blog more often. BEDA, although stressful at times, was also rewarding and sometimes stress-relieving.
I spend so much time on the internet, and what to I accomplish? Basically nothing. Sure, I don't think watching John and Hank's videos are a waste of time (where else would I willingly learn about Health Care in the United States?) but spending hours upon hours watching pointless videos, reading tweets, following links...there has got to be a point when it stops.

Now, to you internet-folk, it might seem like I spend my life on the internet. This is not true. I do hang out with friends and family, I am productive sometimes, I do 'have a life.'
But when I think about the moments that last, the good memories, the life-changing moments, never have they occurred while I was on the computer.
I am not saying all internet-ness  is pointless. Not at all. Contrary to popular belief, I do learn a lot here. I'm happy about the friends that I make through the net (Maddy and Christy :P). I have fun spending time in virtual Nerdfighteria.

But honestly, I don't need to spend this much time here. Blogging, I think, is fine. It's not me handing over my time to pointlessness. I never think that writing is a waste of time.
I think that from now on, I'm going to take some of that precious time wasted, and use it on something productive, like blogging.

Another thing that Maddy mentioned in her blog, was that she was starting to write a new novel.
I remember when I was younger, I used to spend all my time writing stories, or poems, or just being creative. Where have those days gone? I want to go back to that again. Especially since I still aspire to be an author!

As a matter of fact, not that anyone cares, I've been going through some of my old documents (yes, I used to write on the computer, even when I was 11) and some of them are really funny now. Also, I wrote a surprisingly large amounts of plays in my time.
All of my stories took place in fairytale lands (which used to be my favourite types of books: lots of Gail Carson Levine.)
Here's an excerpt of a story I remember spending months working on (but I only ever wrote three pages):

There once lived a poor man (in the year of 1823) who had three children.   His kids were bright and kind.   They loved him very much.  He did not love them; he thought they were a nuisance and that they ate too much.  Their names were: Annabelle, Annie, and Daniel.  The man believed that at his age (which was 36) he should not do any work. He made Annabelle cook and serve him (including doing what he wanted when he rung his bell.) Annie, being the youngest, had to collect stuff from the garden and Daniel had to plant and harvest the farm with a little help from his sisters.  Everyone did a mix of everything.


The kids later get adopted by a loving King and Queen, who live in a castle made entirely of Crystal. *sigh*
I remember how I used to think in novel-format. I'd say to myself, "and she grabbed the ice cream cone and licked the succulent vanilla cream." as I would actually do that.
Nowadays, I think in tweets, or vlogs, or blogs.
God. What's happened?

But yeah, hopefully I'll get the idea for a book soon, and I'll start to write. Write, write, write.

In a totally unrelated subject:


erm, non-existant collab channel, that is. I think, Maddy, Christy: y'all should go get them gosh-darned cameras repaired (or get new ones,) so we can commence a supermegafoxyawesomehot collaboration channel. Sure, we're all amateurs. Sure, we probably have little-to-non-existant editing skills.
But this will be what finally gets us started. I know BEDA, being forced to blog everday, was the thing that finally kicked me off my butt and got me started in blogging. And I know I'm slowly getting better. So why don't we force ourselves to post once a week and talk to eachother? It's worked for hundreds of others, maybe it'll work for us.
Please? I'm ready when you are.
Now, I'm probably getting ahead of myself but...
TheCrumpleHornedSnorkacks is a free username on youtube...
as is TheCrumpeteers
oh and my favourite (already snatched up by yours truly:)

Whaddya think?
Okay, you don't have to respond to that. I don't even know if you guys wanna do this. But seriously, once your cameras are good to go, we should definitely skype eachotherz!

Okay, I think I'm going to go take a...1.5-hours-before-Midnight Swim in my pool. :P

If it is as epic as my father promises it will be, I'll come and add onto this blog about it.
But for now,

Sorry for the loooong blog.
Best wishes,


p.s. In a kind of hybrid between Maddy's idea of writing a list of positive things that happened in her day in each blog and Hayleyghoover's sexy/unsexy list, I've created
This will hopefully make me realize that there is a lot more good than bad in my life and that I need to be more positive.
So, here we go (remember, this refers only to today, and me personally:)

-didn't accomplish much today
-felt like there was something that I needed to do, but couldn't remember what

-spending a day swimming in the sun
-my brother visited
-read my book (American Gods by Neil Gaiman)

[Edit: I just came in from going swimming in our pool. I was the only one there, and the lights in the pool were off. It was dark outside, in a summer's night kind of way. It was peaceful, and calming. Just me, in the dead of night (okay, only 11pm) surrounded by not-too-cold water. It was nice. :)

High School Musical
So, this is going to be a quick post, I think.
I just want to tell you a little story of what happened to me toda
Okay, nothing happened really but...

My friend and I were bored at home so we decided to watch High School Musical (which I own because my mom bought it for me before it was a hit and before I knew how awful it was.)

And I just want to let my opinions be known about this movie.
I think, and I'm referring only to the first movie, that it is cheesy, bad acting, and bad script.
 I do think that the most of the songs are good (except always sung at moments and in ways that make them sound awfully corny) and that most of the choreography is amazing. Like the "Getcha head in the game" dance was super cool. (The song isn't that great (very Backstreet Boys), and when he stops and the spotlight goes on him...its beyond horrible.)

I think that if HSM were on Broadway, or on stage anywhere, it would be a 1000 times better than it is as a movie. As a movie, it is horrriibllyy corny. It is soo laughable. But many things that look good on stage, look horrible on film. Just imagine HSM with good actors (Zac Efron isn't awful, though) and on stage (where cheesy things look much less so.)
It would be okay. Possibly good.

Anyways, I just want to say that, in all honesty, I love this song:

Maybe its because it doesn't have any of the main, awful, characters like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.
But I actually think the song is very Hairspray-like and the choreography is really fun.
Anyway, just mah feelings. xD


OMG, REAL video!
Hello again! So in the same day that I posted that video down there *points* , I was also being very productive and I made THIS video too!
Whereas my last little video, in the previous post, was just a chat meant for you two (Maddy and Christy,) this video is posted on my real youtube channel, the one with all the subscribers and stuffs. I'm kind of nervous about them seeing it. They are all emo girls obsessed with Alex Evans.

Okay, they aren't all emo. And Alex Evans isn't emo either. But still, I don't know what they'll think of this nerdy twist to things. xD

Please please please comment on the actual video on youtube...I'd really love some feedback. Also, you can give me some creative critisism xD
Also, I know you guys already know all that was said in this video...I blogged about it all a few months ago! I used my blog as a guideline, actually. But now you can see actual footage. :)

Thanks, girls. You are amazing.
And anyone else reading this. You guys rock.

OMG, video.
Holy crap, I made a video.
It's not great. Just chatting. But I figured the time was ripe to have a little chat with y'all.
As I say at the end, if you want to comment on the actual video on youtube, that'd be swell. :)


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